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2010 ~ Year in Review

Wow, 2010 flew by in a flash! While this blog certainly hasn't seen much activity this year, it was definitely a busy and happy one for me. I didn't clock nearly as much mileage this year as I did last year, even with training for my first 50 miler. Sometimes I wonder how I pull off running long distances with lower mileage. ;-) I ran 11 "official" races and a few CHUG fun runs to make it a full year. Here is a 2010 recap:


My 2010 race bibs hanging on my cubicle wall at work

March 21 ~ Shamrock Shuffle 8k ~ Chicago, IL

I have run this race many times -- it's sort of a "first race of the season" tradition as it is for most of the Chicago-area road running community. It was great to have my sister, Cindy, run it. Though we didn't run together, this race was the beginning of a great year of racing for her, and a nice barometer of fitness for me. I finished in 46:25, which was under my goal of 9:30 pace. Not a PR, but I was happy with it. It was also great to have Geof and Paige come out and cheer with Brian. A fun day overall!

My sister, Cindy, and me

My sister, Cindy, and me before the race

March 27 ~ Clinton Lake 30 Mile Trail Run ~ DeWitt, IL
This trail race was my second ultra. After just one loop I wished I had done more (some) hill training for this race, but I got it done and felt good the whole time -- just slow . It was great to see so many CHUGs and also fun to run the last loop with Brian. Here is my detailed race report.

On my last loop
During the last 10mi loop, still smiling

May 1 ~ Illinois Marathon ~ Champaign-Urbana, IL
I had grand plans of speeding up after Clinton and having a good showing at this marathon. Well, it didn't happen because my mind was focused on wedding planning instead of running! I still was content with the result, finishing in 4:53. If training went better, I was hoping for around 4:30. Ah well. It was a fun race (albeit a little warm and humid). Brian also ran it and decided that it would be his last road marathon. He likes the trails much better. :-)I had caught up to him around mile 20-21 and we ran most of the rest together. 

May 22 ~ We got married! ~ Clearwater Beach, FL
I couldn't NOT put this wonderful, happy event in this recap! Nope, we didn't run any races while we were in FL, but we did have an amazing time with close family and friends as we got married on the beautiful sandy beach of Clearwater. Best, happiest moment ever!

June 12 ~ Streamwood Stride 5k ~ Streamwood, IL
I enjoy running this 5k because it's where I went to high school and the organizers do a great job with this race. It's inexpensive and you get a nice pancake breakfast afterward. I've actually won AG awards at this race, but not this year. I came in at a sloooow 30:44. Ouch! This was shortly after getting back from our (runless) honeymoon, and my legs had no speed to them at all. It was nice to see Christie and others, though, so it was worth it!

June 13 ~ North Shore Half Marathon ~ Highland Park, IL
This was the day after the Streamwood Stride 5k, a fun double-race weekend! I ran with my sister, Cindy, and brother-in-law, Dominic. I hadn't run this race in a few years and the course is different and much better. I felt great the whole race and it was fun to motivate Cindy and Dom, both first timers at the distance. They did awesome out there! I'm a very proud sister. :-)

Finish line shot with Cindy and her kids Tyler and Hannah

June 25-26 ~ Beer Run 100 ~ Elgin, IL to Kettle Moraine State Park - Eagle, WI
This was the second annual Beer Run, another CHUG fat ass event and a great way to spend my birthday! While I didn't meet my goal of running 33 miles, I had fun and got in about 22 miles.


The fun is about to begin!

July 17 ~ Sunburn Six in the Stix ~ Bartlett, IL

This CHUG fat ass run was super hot but it was fun to have everyone come out and suffer through some miles together. I ran with Dom for most of the run and ended up with 20ish or so miles for the day. A big congrats to my friend, Christie, who got a distance PR with over 23 miles! Someday she will kill it at the marathon distance. :-)


Me and my sweetie on the trail

July 25 ~ Chicagoland Inline Marathon ~ Hoffman Estates, IL
Nope, not a running race, but an inline skating race! This was my first skating race, might as well make it worth it and do a marathon. :-) I didn't train much for this, but did pretty well considering my amateur-level skates. A special kudos to my friend Christie who also did the race...with two different skates, hehe. Seeing the pros skate -- wow, they are flying! My time was 2:18...which is slower than what top runners do running that distance. The finish times ranged from 54 minutes(!!) to 3:18.  It was such a fun experience!

July 29 ~ Terrapin 5k ~ Chicago, IL
Another company-sponsored race (Shamrock Shuffle is the other one), it was nice to come out for this even though I was still not in good 5k racing shape. My sister, Cindy, also ran the race. Luckily I did end up running a sub-30 race, finishing with respectable (for me) 27:56. One day I'll work on getting that 25min 5k! ;-)

September 11-12 ~ Rio Del Lago 100mi (Brian) ~ Granite Bay, CA
I was Brian's crew/pacer for this race, it was definitely a highlight for this year. It was Brian's 5th attempt at the 100-mile distance and he finished! So proud of him! We travelled with GnP, which is always fun. :-) Congrats to Paige for finishing another 100, too!


What a finish!

Brelly and GnP :-)

September 19 ~ Rock Cut Hobo 50k ~ Rockford, IL
I never thought I would run a 50k race as a training run, but this race was just that -- a solid training run before the Lost Boys 50 mile coming up in October. It was fun to run with fellow CHUG Ian the first five or so miles of the race. I ended up finishing in 6:44, not bad for what was an easy-paced run. I would definitely like to "race" this sometime as it is a pretty flat-ish course and within an hour's drive from home!

October 10 ~ Chicago Marathon ~ Chicago, IL
This was another "training run" for me and it was a great opportunity to run with my brother-in-law, Dom, for his first marathon! I love running this race, it was my ninth time since my first in 1997. Congrats to Dom for finishing his first marathon! Now he wants to try ultra distances, too. Someone is hooked! :-)
October 23 ~ Lost Boys 50 Mile ~ Pinyon Wash to Green Valley (east of San Diego), CA
This was definitely the highlight of my 2010 racing season - finishing my first 50 mile race! I was fortunate to be able to run with my sweetie Brian. It was a super tough race, but I loved every moment. It was a beautiful course and I'm sure I'll be back there someday! Here is my detailed race report.

November 7 ~ Canal Connection 10k ~ Utica, IL
This was my last official race of the year and was part of a fun couples weekend with Christie and James. I finished in 59:49, which I was very happy with considering the all the slow running I did this year. It was a fun way to cap off the 2010 season!

With James and Christie after the race

November 20 ~ Deer Grove 32.4 FA ~ Palatine, IL

I didn't run much at this CHUG fat ass event, but it was a fun time cheering on the rest of the runners! The CHUGs are a great group!

As for should an even better year, focusing on health, getting out there and being active! Happy New Year, everyone!


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Great post, Kelly! What a great year for the Brelly! :)

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