Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nike's Believe in the Run Contest - Vote for Janeth!

A good friend and runner, Janeth Salazar-Ohst, and her friend, Wendy, made a video for Nike's Believe in the Run contest. This well-made and inspirational video shows us what it means to be runner among all the other life roles -- woman, daughter, sister, wife, gave me chills watching it. If you like it, too, please vote! You can vote every day until April 28. As of today, April 23, the video is ranked 9th!

Update - April 25 - Janeth and Wendy's entry is now 5th overall, 1st video, and most viral video!!! KEEP THOSE VOTES COMING!

Save this link in your bookmarks and vote every day if you can!

Vote for Janeth - "The Run has always been in me"

Friday, April 03, 2009

Brian featured in "Road Killers" ultramarathon article

Brian was featured in a good ultramarathon article called "Road Killers" that was published in the Chicago RedEye today. While I'm not an ultramarathoner myself, I can definitely appreciate why people do run them. It's the same reason why I run (one of many). It's all relative -- 5k, 10 mile, marathon, 150 mile, though things do get a bit more involved the higher up the mileage scale you go. :-)

I love the ultramarathon scene, especially its laid-back atmosphere. The ultrapeople just rock. There's a lot of camaraderie even though it's an individual sport. I have a blast crewing Brian and cheering for people at these races. I look forward to doing that next week at the McNaughton Park Trail Runs, where Brian is running the 50 mile (there's also a 100 mile and 150 mile race). Party time!

The picture from the article was taken right before last Sunday's Shamrock Shuffle 8k. The photographer was definitely a trooper for following us around in the blizzard-like conditions before the race.

As I was freezing from standing outside in the snow for so long before the race, I thought about ultras that Brian has run...if he can survive those, I can certainly survive only 5 miles in slush with numb feet!

Photo taken by Russ Foster right before the start of the Shamrock "Shushle" 8k

Check out Brian's blog posting about the article:

Brian's Blog Post

Who knows? Maybe I'll join the ranks at some point...though I suppose the TransRockies Run (113 miles in 6 days) that Brian and I will be running together in August sorta qualifies, doesn't it? :-)

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