Friday, April 03, 2009

Brian featured in "Road Killers" ultramarathon article

Brian was featured in a good ultramarathon article called "Road Killers" that was published in the Chicago RedEye today. While I'm not an ultramarathoner myself, I can definitely appreciate why people do run them. It's the same reason why I run (one of many). It's all relative -- 5k, 10 mile, marathon, 150 mile, though things do get a bit more involved the higher up the mileage scale you go. :-)

I love the ultramarathon scene, especially its laid-back atmosphere. The ultrapeople just rock. There's a lot of camaraderie even though it's an individual sport. I have a blast crewing Brian and cheering for people at these races. I look forward to doing that next week at the McNaughton Park Trail Runs, where Brian is running the 50 mile (there's also a 100 mile and 150 mile race). Party time!

The picture from the article was taken right before last Sunday's Shamrock Shuffle 8k. The photographer was definitely a trooper for following us around in the blizzard-like conditions before the race.

As I was freezing from standing outside in the snow for so long before the race, I thought about ultras that Brian has run...if he can survive those, I can certainly survive only 5 miles in slush with numb feet!

Photo taken by Russ Foster right before the start of the Shamrock "Shushle" 8k

Check out Brian's blog posting about the article:

Brian's Blog Post

Who knows? Maybe I'll join the ranks at some point...though I suppose the TransRockies Run (113 miles in 6 days) that Brian and I will be running together in August sorta qualifies, doesn't it? :-)


brian 4/03/2009 2:33 PM  

Thanks Kelly, I appreciate your support that you provide. Having you out there with me means the world! It makes running the ultras that much more special. :-)

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